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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2019-2020 – How to Create Your First WordPress Website

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2019-2020 – How to Create Your First WordPress Website

    WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2019-2020 – How to Create Your First WordPress Website

    Take a look at our WordPress Tutorial for novices. It’s updated for 2019 and 2020. If you wish to learn to produce a WordPress website, a great video to obtain began with. Regardless of whether you have questions regarding installing WordPress or ways to use the platform to produce the first website as well as your first blog, this video can get you began around the right feet. If you’re searching for something specific, you should check out our time stamps below. You are able to skip ahead to 21:00 within the video to determine the WordPress dashboard, everything in advance is due to finding internet hosting and installing WordPress in your hosting company. Scroll lower towards the bottom for that URLs referenced within the video.

    Important Video Occasions:

    1:00 – How you can set-up hosting for any WordPress website

    8:11 – How you can Install WordPress on any hosting company (this situation shows Bluehost.

    21:21 – Logging into WordPress and Applying Updates

    22:56 – How you can Install WordPress Plugins

    34:27 – How you can create WordPress blogs

    47:42 – How you can Create WordPress Publish Groups & Tags

    51:27 – How you can Install WordPress Styles and Customizations

    59:45 – WordPress Theme Editor, WordPress Widgets, WordPress Menus, and Theme Options

    1:10:13 – WordPress Media

    1:11:40 – WordPress Pages and Developing a Homepage

    1:16:17 – WordPress Comments

    1:17:30 – WordPress Users

    1:21:04 – WordPress Tools

    1:24:30 – WordPress Settings

    WordPress Tutorial Video Description:

    Our WordPress for novices video experiences the entire process of finding website hosting, selecting an internet host, selecting a hosting plan, how you can install WordPress, how you can login for your WordPress website, how you can apply wordpress plugin updates and WordPress updates, finding your WordPress dashboard, installing and managing WordPress plugins, how to locate the very best-rated WordPress plugins, how you can create blogs in WordPress, how you can create blog publish groups and tags in WordPress, how you can use a WordPress theme, how to locate free WordPress styles, how to locate premium WordPress styles, how you can personalize your WordPress theme with Customizations, Theme Editor, Widgets, Menus, and Theme Options, adding, editing, and managing WordPress media, how you can create WordPress pages and make up a homepage along with a separate blog in your website, how you can manage comments, how you can manage WordPress users, utilizing WordPress tools, and altering WordPress settings.

    Lots of beginners question steps to make a WordPress website, so I am dealing with an easy step-by-step process for creating your site and probably the most main reasons to discover the WordPress platform.

    Common WordPress Questions:

    How do you produce a WordPress website?

    You’ll need website hosting first and I would suggest obtaining a custom website name. After you have your site hosting plan, you are able to install WordPress free of charge. All that you should do is download the most recent form of WordPress came from here: Then, you are able to install WordPress in your hosting company, use a theme, and hang-your website.

    How do you produce a free WordPress website?

    You will get began having a free plan at, but you will find major limitations. You may still produce a beautiful website, but it’ll make use of a WordPress website name and it’ll have ads around the page. I would suggest investing a tiny bit of money to obtain a website name along with a website hosting plan with Bluehost, HostGator, or any other provider after which installing WordPress.

    Just how much will it cost to produce a WordPress website?

    It may cost as little as $3/month with the proper hosting company.

    Can One have 2 websites using blogging platforms?

    Yes, after you have a hosting plan you may create multiple WordPress websites. Some hosting plans, especially dedicated hosting plans, have sufficient sources for hosting 5-10 WordPress websites that will get traffic and also have a large amount of files.

    Is WordPress difficult to learn?

    It requires time for you to discover the WordPress platform, but it’s something you will become familiar with very rapidly. Additionally, you will find advanced options in WordPress that you could learn while you still learn WordPress.

    Is WordPress simple to use?

    Yes, there’s a learning curve, but within one or two weeks you’re going to get accustomed to the woking platform after several several weeks useful it is natural to make use of WordPress.

    Is really a WordPress website free?

    You may create a totally free WordPress website, but you’re best creating a small investment for hosting your WordPress website and buy a custom website name.

    Useful URLs:

    WordPress Home:

    WordPress Download Free:

    How you can install WordPress:

    Best WordPress plugins by Kinsta:

    Best WordPress plugins 2019 by ThemeGrill:

    Free WordPress Styles:

    Premium WordPress Styles: https://themeforest.internet

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