Free Keyword Research Tutorial | Find SEO Keywords For Blog🚀

Free Keyword Research Tutorial | Find SEO Keywords For Blog🚀

Learn to do Free Keyword Research without any paid tools. Using this free keyword research method for SEO you will be able to find keywords that will have high potential of ranking in SERP “Top Position In Google”.

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All tools that i have used in this video are completely free and easy to use. So be sure that the method of keyword research is very beginner friendly and easy to learn.

Keyword Research is an very important process and skill that every blogger and Digital Marketer should know and be sure after watching this complete video you will have all the knowledge of how to do keyword research using free tools.

Tools Used In Video : –

1. Rankknar KGR Checker
2. Keyword Surfer
3. Moz Bar

Tools Used For Checking Volume

1. Ahref Keyword Generator
2. Google Keyword Planner
3. Keyword Surfer


Download Sheet And PDF

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Video Timeline

00:00 Introduction
02:38 Content of video
03:20 What is KGR method?
04:33 Benefits of KGR method?
05:52 Tools used in this video
07:47 How to find keywords
11:19 Find keywords using AI
14:57 Free Keyword Research
21:26 Keyword Research Example 2
25:17 Keyword Research Example 3
27:28 Importance of Intent
35:18 Keyword Research Example 4
38:28 Conclusion

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