What Happens When You Post 5 ChatGPT Posts a day?

What Happens When You Post 5 ChatGPT Posts a day?

Ever wondered what happens when you post more than 1 article to your blog in one day? Watch this video to find out…

ChatGPT is a monster – and it is helping me unleash the full SEO potential of the website I am currently working on. I get this question a lot, what happens when you post a lot of content, doesn’t Google flag it as spam?

Video to set up Google Ad Word Keyword Planner:

In this experiment I posted 5 blog posts in one day to see what would happen, and the results were… underwhelming. Unfortunately with these kinds of keywords, a couple of weeks simply isn’t long enough to start ranking

However, I also wrote 3 articles in one day a little while ago, and used some trending keywords – and the results are much better. Does this mean that 5 blogs in one day is too much? No. It means that the keywords I chose were much better in the second articles I showed you in this video…

Thanks for watching and I hope this gives you the confidence to create more content for your website



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