#1 Intro to Blogging with Squarespace – Squarespace Blog Tutorial Series

#1 Intro to Blogging with Squarespace – Squarespace Blog Tutorial Series

#1 Intro to Blogging with Squarespace – Build a Blog on Squarespace

This is the first video in this Squarespace blog Tutorial series. Use the Playlist link below to watch these videos continuously.

#Blogging with #Squarespace – How to Build a Blog on Squarespace PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYR32io-EGe6TaW1aQ-SE5Ga0VBIWj6OS

Intro to Squarespace Video : https://youtu.be/rlIbf6KST0c

Is squarespace good for blogging?
If you a beginner who does not wnat to deal with the hustles of WOrdPress, then Squarespace is definitely good for blogging. Most importantly you should ask yourself whether you’ll be able to afford at least $16 paid monthly or $12 monthly billed annually to host your website. This is the min price point.

If you find that price to be high, you can use The Hosted WordPress Platform on WordPress.com . The hosted WP is more affordable for blogging needs. If you have the skills to build and manage your own hosting, then you should buy web host and run the free version of WordPress. This is what most people on a budget do.
If you want free options with various limitations, the Hosted WordPress Platfrom and Blogger are available to use for free.

Can you make money blogging on squarespace?
Yes. If you build your blog and you have amonetization strategy you can definitely make money. it all depends on how you want to monetize your blog; are you promoting various products and taking a cut? Are you selling your own stuff? Are you using any other monetization strategies? it is entirely up to you. if you work hard and smart till your blog becomes popular, making money from your blog

How do I blog on squarespace?
Watch this video series to learn how to blog on Squarespce. This is the first video in my Squarespace blogging series tutorial. Watch this full series in this YouTube Blog Tutorial Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYR32io-EGe6TaW1aQ-SE5Ga0VBIWj6OS .

Is Squarespace blog free?
Squarespce has never had a free plan. When you create a new website you will get a 14 day trial. This free trial is there to enable you design and build your website before you upgrade to a paid plan. To run a blog on Squarespace you can use the personal plan which is either $16 or $12 . The answer to , is sqrspace blog is free, is no.

squarespace blog layout
Learn how to work with the blog layout page. this series will cover EVERYTHING you need to learn about building a blog. And it is all free right here on YouTube. You will learn a lot, including how to work with SEO for pages and posts. Watch all of the blogging tutorial in the playlist.

Is squarespace good for blogging
If you do not want to use WordPress then Sqrespace is nice alternative for WordPress blogging. As a photographer , designer or creative with cool portfolio, sqrespace is good for blogging. It will give you all the features you need to run a cool looking blog.

squarespace blog page
The sqrespace blog page is the page where all you posts will be listed. It is the home page for all your posts. in version 7.1 you can choose the design of your page to match your liking. There are options. To choose the blog page, create a new page then choose collection type of blog. Then you can choose the design of the page.

squarespace 7.1 blog
This Blog tutorial uses version 7.1. Follow along and learn how to create your site using the latest version of 7.1 .

wix blog alternative
You can check out Wix too before making up your mind. You can create a free Wix blog and see what it feels like for you. It is also important o note that wix has a free plan for you. Create your blog in both platforms and decide which one you like more. I can bet you’d probably end up using Squarspce .

Which is the best blogging site?
The best blogging site is currently WordPress, however, if you want to explore, Squarespce gives you free 14 days trial, while the hosted wordpress will give you a free option. So, create a blog in both and decide which one you’d rather use.

Why you shouldn’t use Squarespace?
You shouldn’t use Squarespce if you want full control over your website. If you are an experienced web designer who has run his or her website on your own web hosting, Squarespace will not be right for you. You will not get the access you are used to. You should not use squrspce if your are not ready to pay at least $12 motnhly for your blog. Find other cheaper options like WordPress (either self hosted or the Online hosted platform)

squarespace vs wordpress for blogging
If it was me, I would always chose WordPress over Squarespace. If you are abeginner with no web hosting, design experience, Sqpce is the option for you.

squarespace for blogging

best blogging platform

squarespace vs wordpress seo

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