10 MISTAKES BLOGGERS MAKE (2021) | common blogging mistakes | blogging mistakes for beginners

10 MISTAKES BLOGGERS MAKE (2021) | common blogging mistakes | blogging mistakes for beginners

If you started a blog with the hope to make money online, you may want to be aware of the common blogging #BlogMistakes #Bloggers mistakes. Watch this blogging tutorial for beginners so that you do not make these beginner bloggers’ mistakes. Check out this blogging guide with important blogging tips on how to make money blogging 2021.

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0:00 Intro
0:54 Mistake #1: Not Monetizing Soon Enough
1:28 How To Monetize A New Blog
3:05 Mistake #2: Not Writing Content With Affiliate Links
3:27 How To Be a Better Affiliate Marketer On Your Blog
4:35 Mistake #3: Not Tracking Your Stats From Day One
4:58 How To Start Tracking Your Stats Like A Pro
6:18 Mistake #4: Not Signing Up For Social Media Accounts And Influencer Networks
6:34 How To Claim Your Blog On Social Media Sites Consistently
7:52 How To Create Profiles on Influencer Networks and Why It’s Important
9:35 Mistake #5: Not Collecting Email Addresses
10:52 How To Start Building An Email List
11:46 Bonus Mistake: Not Asking For Help
12:09 How Asking For Help Changed My Blog For The Better

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