20 Helpful ChatGPT Prompts For Blogging | Master AI

20 Helpful ChatGPT Prompts For Blogging | Master AI

ChatGPT is incredibly powerful and you can ask it a lot of helpful questions using various prompts. From keyword research to plagiarism to coding this AI tool can do a lot of surprising things really well.

While there are literally 100+ prompts you can use to start gathering helpful information and data I’ll show you some of my favorites for blogging and content marketing specifically.

No, I don’t think this is going to replace quality writing but wow, is it helpful for getting information, formatting content and knowing what to include.

► Open AI

► Jasper AI
My go-to writing tool personally https://davidutke.com/jasper


00:00 Intro

00:40 Rewrite
Exactly what it sounds like, rewrites paragraphs into something new.

01:15 Main response
Cuts out the verbose intro and conclusion paragraphs for responses.

02:14 Style dictation
Write at a certain grade level, useful for introduction paragraphs.

03:19 Format response
Create a base level blog post and avoids a wall of text.

04:29 Bullet points
Breaks any question down into actionable steps. Useful to know what to include in a blog post.

05:55 Advertising prompt
This create a helpful answer that works well for ads.

06:39 Copywriting
My basic copywriting prompt.

08:09 Conversational tone
Good for intros, conclusions and answering questions when personable language is required.

09:04 Business language
Perfect for a business tone.

09:49 Academic tone
Yea, turn up the complexity. Great when you need more sophisticated language.

10:58 Keyword research
Get keywords to then take to Ubersuggest or aHrefs!

12:24 Titles
Create pithy titles for videos and blog posts

13:40 Make an outline
Base outline to create a blog post on a topic. Helpful because then you know what to include and can expand on each section as needed.

15:13 Meta descriptions
Yea, tell it write you a meta description. Don’t forget to edit it though.

15:56 Proofread
Proofread before publishing.

16:32 Code snippets
Wow, you can now learn how to code in HTML, CSS and more.

17:25 Plagiarism checker
You can tell Chat to “act as” many things, one of them being a plagiarism checker.

18:13 Domains and branding
Having trouble coming up with a domain name or a brand name for your website? Get some help.

18:58 Email newsletter
Create helpful emails for your sales funnel. Yes these need to be edited and developed but now you can get a helpful template sequence.

19:50 Social media
Want to write content for Instagram or Twitter. Done. It can even create basic tweet threads too.

20:17 Conclusion
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