Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2023 | From Zero to $1M

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2023 | From Zero to $1M

Many 10-40 minute affiliate marketing tutorials can make you really excited about affiliate marketing! But they do not show the step-by-step process. In this step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorial, I show you a real-life example of a brand new affiliate marketing journey I will start. My goal is to make $50.000 per month with it. Crazy?! Maybe! In this affiliate marketing course, I show you that it is possible to make crazy numbers like these with affiliate marketing.

Before we just start doing stuff, we will build a strong foundation on affiliate marketing is, how it works, and how you can become successful with it.

After we understand how affiliate marketing works, we will do market research and find the right product(s) for you to promote.

We will create a plan on how to promote the affiliate products we want to promote, and then we will create a website. A website is a great tool to get sales, and it is also necessary to apply for many affiliate products. We will create different blog posts, and I will teach you which blogpost convert the best.

Even when you are not a skilled writer (I am not), I show you how to use the right tools to create fantastic blog posts. Besides that, I offer you can develop as a writer. You can improve almost anything by practice.

We will optimize our blog posts and pages, so they are ready to rank in Google. I show you how, by using Google Search, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs you can get a lot of information about your website and your visitor’s behavior. We will use that information to optimize our affiliate marketing website even further.

I show you how to build an email list using the free version of Convertkit and how I used it to make thousands of dollars in just a few days by helping other people. That is why I include that part in the tutorial. It is an essential part of my Affiliate Marketing business.

After we finish our website we will share our first blog post on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube, and other platforms. We will analyze the traffic we get in order to make our website better.

We also talk about advertising, placing ads on your website, analyzing the visitor behavior on your website, and using premium tools on how to get more commission from your website.

Throughout the tutorial, I do my best to entertain you, educate you, challenge you and inspire you! If you appreciate it then please like and subscribe!

00:00 Introduction
03:43 Mindset
08:44 Affiliate Marketing vs a Job

Module 1: Intro to Affiliate Marketing
11:26 What Is Affiliate Marketing?
14:49 Why Affiliate Marketing?
22:34 How To Promote?
26:02 5 Major Keys To Success with Affiliate Marketing

Module 2: Market Research
32:08 2 Types of Affiliate Marketing Websites
33:58 Markets, Submarkets and Niches
43:36 Get an Idea For Your Niche
54:14 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Promoting A Product
01:05:22 My 3 Ideas for an Affiliate Marketing Website
01:09:26 Write Out A A Plan

Module 3: Create A Website
01:21:44 The 4 Steps We Will Take
01:24:13 Get A Domain Name And Webhosting
01:30:05 Install WordPress
01:32:41 Clean Up WordPress
01:36:04 Import My Pre Made Affiliate Marketing Website

Module 4: Keyword Research
01:51:52 Keyword Research Through Google
01:53:58 The AIDA Formula
02:03:52 Keyword Research with Ahrefs
02:08:48 The Ahrefs Site Explorer
02:12:16 The Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
02:16:41 Find Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Module 5: Create A Blogpost
02:18:06 Create Your First Blogpost
02:26:25 Change The Permalink
02:29:55 Internal Linking
02:35:17 Use Redirection For Pretty Links
02:40:23 Add Gutenberg Addons
02:45:49 How To Become A Better Writer?
02:48:11 Make Your Blog post Better Using Grammarly
02:52:00 Add Images To Your Blog post
03:09:02 Publishing, Categories & Tags
03:12:08 Create A Featured Image In Photoshop

03:20:07 Create Sidebar Widgets
03:25:10 Create A Logo For Your Website

Module 6: Optimise Your Blogposts
03:32:18 Sign Up For Google Analytics & Google Search Console
03:40:50 Optimise Your Website Using RankMath
03:58:09 Configure The RankMath Settings
03:59:25 Create The Site Title

Module 7: Finish Your Website
04:00:49 Finish Your Website

Module 8: Build An Email List
04:11:51 Sign Up For Convertkit (Free)
04:13:05 Create A Form
04:26:53 Publish The Form In Your WordPress Website
04:35:59 Trigger A Form Using A Button
04:43:03 Create A Broadcast Email
04:49:03 Optimise Your Website For All Devices

Module 9: Get Traffic
05:08:32 Get Traffic To Your Website

Module 10: What’s Next
05:24:20 Google Ads, Adsense, Youtube, Improving

Module 11: Analyze Data
05:33:42 Analyze Data Through Google, Analytics, Google Search Console and Ahrefs

Module 12: Using Premium Resources
05:43:14 Get Blocksy Pro
05:47:19 Create Custom Sticky Sidebars
05:51:51 Create a Mega Menu

Wrapping Up
06:02:37 Cookie Consent
06:03:07 Create a Favicon
06:04:52 Thank You

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