Best Blogging Platforms for 2023 (Free to Use)

Best Blogging Platforms for 2023 (Free to Use)

An appropriate knowledge of the best free blogging platforms will go a long way in helping you get started on the right track.

For the year 2021, anyone who is a beginner must go with any one or more of the following options –


HubPages is not as popular as most other free platforms but trust me, it is a wonderful place to publish blogs and also to monetise them.


Bloggers who like to showcase their creative side by means of their blogs will find Tumblr as a decent option to get started.


Medium is hands down the most simple to use platform where a new Blogger doesn’t even require basic setting up or customisation.


One of the earliest blogging platforms on the internet is Blogger. It is owned by Google and most people sign up their first blog here.


WordPress is all time favourite of Bloggers. Also, the world’s best content management system. Go for it for that professional feel.

Once you get started on a free blog, you have got to start monetising it. I’m sharing 16 proven ways to monetise a free blog here –

Make it big.