Blogger & Blogging Tutorial Session

Blogger & Blogging Tutorial Session – Blogger & Blogging Tutorial Session 01 – Displaying how simple and effective ways can be used to create money-making free blog templates.
If you’re running your own business or you’re in charge of the web development and maintenance for your company, you might be thinking about doing a blog to increase traffic, improve search engine optimization and provide new, dynamic and regular content updates for your website. Blogging can have an incredible impact on visitor numbers, traffic and the page ranking of your website.

New to the world of blogging and not sure where to start? Learn how to be an effective blogger by following a few of these easy tips.

Create useful, innovative content

While your primary goal might be to convert readers into website traffic and, potentially, customers, you need to actually get them to read the content first. If you write a blog for your business that is useful and informative you’ll start to build an audience that recognizes your content for being more than just easy advertising.

Eye-catching, descriptive titles

Abstract titles might be fun to come up with and quirky titles might give a bit of a chuckle but you’re going to run into problems if people can’t find what they’re looking for in your nondescript post titles. Make sure every post title describes what the post is about and try to include one or two keywords if you can for better SEO.

Good content, but not too much content

You want to be informative and you want to communicate ideas, but it’s best to keep post length to a minimum no matter the topic that you are covering. Most bloggers seem to agree you should aim for more than 300 words but not make a post more than 1000. Sure your committed readers might make their way through 1500 or even 2000 words, but new readers who stumble across your site are going to be immediately put off by the wall of text in front of them.

Make frequent posts on the latest subjects

Some bloggers like to spend a whole day writing ten to fifteen blog posts, setting them to update automatically throughout the week. While it’s nice to have all of your content for the week done at once, you’re missing out on the latest information if you don’t write the update when you post it. Consider setting time aside every day to write a blog post to keep them relevant instead of doing them all at once.

Become an effective blogger by committing time, crafting relevant and useful posts and following a few of these easy tips. Read blogs similar to your own and make sure you follow news articles and the latest industry news in your relevant field. Inform readers and generate more traffic with a well-maintained blog.

Blogging is just one great way to grow a quality website

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