Blogger Tutorial: Start a blog with Google’s FREE Blogging Platform

Blogger Tutorial: Start a blog with Google’s FREE Blogging Platform

How to start a blog with Google’s Blogger. Complete step 1 to done tutorial. I’ve been using blogger, (formally known as blogspot) for the past month and I think it’s the perfect blogging platform for a specific person. ➡ Get your domain name:

If you’re looking for a constantly updated blogging platform where you have good control over the post tile, meta description and the various elements of on-page SEO and you want free hosting for your blog, take a look at blogger.

The original blogging platform. Yes, it’s been outdone by WordPress which is much better if you’re looking to build a high traffic, sellable asset. But if you’re like me and want a personal spot to blog about a specific topic, have no intention of ever selling your blog and are fine with it being a fun, passive income side project then blogger is great.

In this blogger tutorial video, you’re show how to get started with creating a blogger blog. How to setup a custom domain, themes, back end setting as well as limitations.
➡ Get your domain name:

🕒 T I M E S T A M P S

Introduction 00:00

Register Your Domain 1:45
Blogger Blog Setup 4:34
Set Custom Domain 14:04
Install Custom Theme: 17:47
Theme Editor – 22:00
Logo Design / Upload 27:11
Hide “powered by blogger” 33:41
Google Analytics 36:48
Search Console 38:25
Blogger Gadgets Overview 39:34
Add Social Share Buttons 42:14
About Page 46:01
Contact 51:53
Legal Pages 57:54
Blog posts 1:00:00
Conclusion 1:12:00


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✅ R E L A T E D V I D E O

► Create a website with Google Sites:

►The BEST Domain name registrars:


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