ChatGPT Affiliate Marketing AI Tutorial for Beginners ($500/Day)

ChatGPT Affiliate Marketing AI Tutorial for Beginners ($500/Day)

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In this video, I cover how to use ChatGPT for affiliate marketing. We’ll cover a simple strategy to get your ChatGPT affiliate marketing plan laid out so you can start making affiliate commissions as soon as possible.

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00:20 Article idea generation
02:16 Validate keyword phrases
04:50 Have ChatGPT write the article
05:26 Find affiliate opportunities
06:37 Edit the article with Grammarly
07:10 Refine and edit in Surfer SEO
08:50 Check for plagiarism
10:50 Import into WordPress
11:00 Create a featured image
11:12 Some more examples
13:03 Formula to make $500 per day

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