Crash course on Blogging for Lawyers

Crash course on Blogging for Lawyers

Many people start blogging for different purposes. Who is stopping you??

Firstly, we will talk about… Why should you write?
1) It helps you to connect to a larger audience.
2) Before writing, you have to research about the topic, so it helps you update your knowledge about this legal field.
3) Improves your networking with others in this field. So other lawyers, seniors start recognizing you.
4) You can establish yourself as an expert in a particular specialization of law.

Lawyers can start writing blogs in their particular specialization of law, and can convert readers into clients.
Writing in newspapers, journals is a good practice. But, you must also upgrade with this internet age.
Plus, you can start your blog completely free on or
In this video, I have covered some important Tips tips on how a Lawyer can start writing blogs & improve your branding. I have also explained Search Engine Optimization in short which will help you create better blogs.

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