Create a Blog Post FAST With ChatGPT! Complete Blogging Tutorial

Create a Blog Post FAST With ChatGPT! Complete Blogging Tutorial

Learn how to create a blog post with ChatGPT fast and correctly. In this blogging tutorial I show you how to properly use this AI tool to help you write content for your website with the goal to meet Google’s e-e-a-t requirements.

I don’t suggest you take a lazy approach to writing. Yes you can create 1500 words quickly with ChatGPT, but it’s not good enough to publish as it. First, it’s not your writing but more importantly there is no demonstration of experience or expertise which will become ever more important going forward.

Because an AI is only as good as the inputs. Where do you think ChatGPT is getting it’s information from? Human beings who know what they are talking about. So, use these tools to help you create content for yourself and eventually with a team but don’t be lazy about it.

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00:00 Introduction
AI tools can help you write content easily. But they are just tools. People will still want information from people who know what they are talking about so don’t use these tools to create content on topics you have no understanding of.

01:22 Keyword research
Create content people are looking for if you want to get organic search traffic.

03:06 Titles
ChatGPT is quite helpful at creating pithy, clickbait titles for both blog posts and videos.

04:18 Outline
Generate an outline and add to it as needed. This outline will be helpful when you’re going to start creating paragraphs.

05:14 Body of the blog post
Now it’s time to generate 1000-2000 words of content for your blog post.

09:12 Recap
Once you have a rough draft you can either edit yourself or use the following tools to make the content better or a mix of both.

11:45 Originality AI
This tool checks for AI content.

12:56 Paraphrasing tool
Helpful to rewrite sentences and paragraphs.

14:01 Grammarly
Improve your grammar and spelling.

15:00 Surfer SEO
A very helpful tool to best optimize any blog post for on page SEO.

16:14 Meta description
Use ChatGPT to generate meta descriptions for your blog posts in under a minute.

17:16 e-a-t prompt
Check to see if your competitors and your own blog post are meeting Google’s e-e-a-t search guidelines.

19:12 Conclusion
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