Facebook Blogging in 2020 – 3 Minute Setup!

Facebook Blogging in 2020 – 3 Minute Setup!

Thinking of starting an awesome blog in 2020 that gets thousands of views but don’t know where to start?

Don’t know whether it’s worth spending the extra money on a personal website blog or if anybody will even come?

Well you can start your blog in just three minutes by creating a facebook blog page and attracting readers before you move onto your own personal domain. Watch the video to find out!

To create a new facebook blog in just 3 minutes, you will just need a Computer and a Facebook account!

This is Facebook blogging in 2020. Tips for beginners. #StartABlog #FacebookBlog #FacebookTips #BlogTips

You can use your favourite browser. Just follow the steps below.

1. Go to Facebook.com and log in to your personal profile page.
2. Hit the Create button
3. Under “Community of public figure” hit the Get Started button
4. Give it a page name and select the category
5. Upload a profile photo and a cover photo
6. Go to the Write Post area of the page
7. Select Write Note
8. Give your blog a title, a beautiful picture and some useful content
9. Hit the publish button!
10. You can now share this using your personal FB profile or a business profile.
11. Share it on your page

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