Free Blogging Course 6 – How to Write SEO Optimized Article That Brings Traffic and Earn Lakhs

Free Blogging Course 6 – How to Write SEO Optimized Article That Brings Traffic and Earn Lakhs

Article Kaise Likhe – How to Write SEO Optimized Article That Brings Traffic and Earn Lakhs of Rs

Hi Friends,

This is the 6th Part of our “Free Blogging Course by Pavan Agrawal” Series. All our previous 5 videos have been loved and appreciated by Lots of New Bloggers. These videos contains lots and lots of Value.

In This 6th Part, We have discussed how Mindset Plays more Important role than actual SEO Article writing. This Also includes how we in our team approach towards writing and Article. This also contains Dos and Donts.

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Aap sahi Jagah aaye hai agar aap yeh doond rahe hai
1) Free Blogging Course
2) Article Kaise Likhe
3) SEO Friendly Article kaise likhe
4) SEO Optimized Article Kaise Likhe
5) WordPress Me Article Kaise Likhe
6) Blogger par Article Kaise Likhe
7) Article ko google me 1st Rank Kaise Karaye
8) Observe and React se article kaise Likhe
9) SEO Ke Liye Kaun sa Plugin Use Kare
10) Schema Type Kya hai
11) Schema Type Ka Use Kaise Kare
12) Pavan Agrawal jaise article kaise likhe
13) H1, H2 and H3 Tags in Article
14) Internal Links SEO me Important Kyu hai
15) External Links SEO me Important Kyu hai
16) Copyright Free Images Kaise Dhonde
17) Image me Alt Text daalna kyu zaroori hai
18) Article me Image ka Size kya hona cahiye
19) SEO ke liye best Slug ya PermaLink kya hai
20) URL SEO ke hisab se kaise banaye
21) Category and Tags Kya hai
22) Article me Table daalna Zaroori kyu hai
23) Article me FAQ Daalna Zaroori kyu hai
24) FAQ Article me kaise add kare
25) Google Alerts Se Trending Topics Dhoonde

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Time Stamp
00:00 Teaser
00:17 Intro
01:48 SEO Optimized Article Likhna tough kyu hai
04:54 Blogging Ko Start Up ki Tarah Kaam kare
05:57 New Bloggers Demotivate Jaldi ho jate hai
06:22 Free Blogging Course Vs Paid Course
07:24 Article Likhne ki Stage 1
09:12 Article Likhne ki Stage 2
10:00 Power of New Feature and Content [Web Stories]
11:18 Google Alerts Feature to Find New Topics
11:38 Keyword Research [How some Paid tools fool you]
12:15 SEO Optimized Article Kaise Likhe
19:10 Data of out Free Blogging Course Blog
20:28 SEO Optimized Way to Draft and Publish an Article
21:54 How to Make SEO Optimized Title of a Blog
23:38 Importance of Year in Title
24:45 Blogger Vs WordPress
25:35 Table of Content
26:05 Meta and Meta Description Like Deepawali Blog
28:33 Add Table in Your Blog
29:14 H1 H2 H3 Tags in An Article
30:28 Internal Link and External Links
34:12 FAQ
35:44 SEO Plugin
36:48 Copyright Image Related Issues
38:10 Size of an Image in our Blog
38:43 Image ko kaise add kare and Image Alt Text
40:58 How to Change Title just for Search Engine
41:47 Scheme Type kya hai and Types of Schema Types
45:05 SEO Optimized URL, Slug or Permalink of an Article
48:14 Outro