Google Adsense Tutorial 2023

Google Adsense Tutorial 2023

In this Google Adsense Tutorial, I show you how to sign up for Google Adsense, link Adsense with your website, and start to run ads on your website. I will tell you what you need to keep in mind in order to use Google Adsense the right way without violating the terms.

When we are able to place ads on our website, I show you how to let Google place ads automatically on your website, how to make use of different kinds of ad units that enable you to place ads on any place within your website, and how to use Advanced Ads for WordPress in order to place ads automatically on your website.

We will place GDPR and CCPA cookie notices for the people from Europe and California since that is mandatory. I will walk you through the process of creating a Privacy Policy for your website. I don’t want you to get banned from Google Adsense so I walk you through all the steps in order to comply with all the terms.

We will talk about how to link your Adsense account to your Youtube channel. After that, we will take a look into Google Adsense Reports and ways to optimize your ads on your website for conversion.

I tell you how to add a second website to your Google Adsense account and talk about when you get paid.

Last but not least, I show you how to verify your account for payments by giving your address and filling in the pin in your Adsense account that you will receive through the mail.

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00:00 Introduction
01:36 Sign Up For A Google Adsense Account
04:33 Link Google Adsense With Your WordPress Website
06:04 Place Auto Ads On Your Website To Maximise Revenue
07:21 Install Google Sitekit
10:20 Fix Your GDPR and CCPA Cookie Message
13:08 Create Privacy Policy
16:56 Submit your ads.txt file to Google
20:31 Configure Your Auto Ads
25:39 Create An Ad Unit Within Google Adsense
30:26 Use Advanced Ads In Order To Place Ads All Over Your Website
36:21 Create an In-Feed Ad Using Google Adsense
40:39 Create an In-Article Ad Using Google Adsense
40:58 Create an Search Engine Ad
43:19 Link Your Adsense Account With Your Youtube Channel
45:19 Checkout The Adsense Reports
48:55 Optimise Your Ads For Better Conversions
51:48 Add a Second Website To Your Google Adsense Account
53:30 How To Get and Fill In Your Google Pin So You Can Receive Your Money?
54:10 When Do You Get Paid With Google Adsense?
54:52 Thank You