How to Find Guest Blog Posts: Guest Blogging Tutorial

How to Find Guest Blog Posts: Guest Blogging Tutorial
In this guest blogging tutorial, I’m going to teach you how I find guest blog posts using AffiloTools. If you don’t know what AffiloTools is, it is a cloud-based software suite that has all of the tools you need for internet marketing — including the link finder module, which is great for SEO. In this video, I use it to find high PR, high-authority guest blogging opportunities. I teach you how to do it, step-by-step, with nothing left out.

***Step-by-step instructions for finding guest blog posts***

1. Open AffiloTools. On the sidebar, underneath Research, you will see a button called ‘Links’. Click on it, to open up the link finder module.

2. The link finder module scrapes the internet, uncovering websites and pages relevant to the keyword you search for. These websites will let you place a link on their page — which makes the process of finding backlinks simple and painless. You can search by types of links (such as guest blog posts, blogging comments or article directories). Since we only want to find guest blog posts, only tick ‘Guest Post’. Type in a keyword relevant to your website, and then click ‘Find Links’.

3. Wait a few moments for AffiloTools to load up the results. When it has finished, sort the pages by Page Authority in descending order. You can do this, by clicking on ‘PA’ twice. It is only worth getting blog posts from high-quality websites, so I am usually only interested in websites that have a DA of 20+ and a PA of 20+.

4. Click on a link. It should take you through to either a guest blog post, or a website asking for guest blog posts. Either one is good — as it tells you that the website is accepting them. Now, all you need to do is contact the webmaster and put forward your blog post proposal and get it accepted.

Guest blog posts are great for building SEO authority for your website, as they provide contextual links from real, relevant websites.