How To Start a Blog Guide 2023 – The Only Blogging Tutorial You’ll Ever Need!

How To Start a Blog Guide 2023 – The Only Blogging Tutorial You’ll Ever Need!

Welcome to our start a blog guide for 2023! Budding new bloggers will easily learn life-long skills like Adsense, SEO, niche blogging, copywriting, HTML/CSS, graphic design and more!

Unlike other create a blog guides where the author just sits and rambles, we guarantee as professional bloggers this blog tutorial will give you your own blog built to rank #1 in Google, get comments/likes, and of course make a living blogging.

Let’s beat your friend’s Euro blog and give the cat a shot at fame – let’s do this!

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– 00:00:00 – About this “how to start a blog” guide
– 00:01:29 – Take a tour of the blog
– 00:03:11 – Best blog niches
– 00:05:38 – Find your niche
– 00:07:51 – Blogger vs vs
– 00:10:53 – Blogging costs
– 00:14:03 – Determination and writing 100 articles
– 00:16:29 – Let’s setup your WordPress site and visit:
– 00:20:22 – Activate free domain discount
– 00:32:00 – Welcome to your new hosting dashboard
– 00:34:18 – Install WordPress no coding required with Softaculous
– 00:42:10 – New HostGator emails what to do with them?
– 00:43:30 – Login to WordPress for the first time
– 00:44:59 – Install any new WordPress theme and activate SSL
– 00:47:56 – Navigate from back end to front end
– 00:49:01 – Manage and add/delete plugins
– 00:53:06 – Manually upload a plugin old-fashioned way
[download files for TF social share for social clicks:]
– 00:59:28 – Demo blog posts
– 01:00:39 – 3 step blog post plan that works
– 01:03:50 – Style your blog posts
– 01:12:09 – Create an “ultimate guide” blog post
– 01:17:04 – Free blog images at Pixabay
– 01:22:39 – Build an image slider
– 01:28:28 – Change the text that appears in excerpts on your blog
– 01:31:39 – Set up a Facebook fan page Like box
– 01:34:20 – Build your first Google Adsense ad (signup for
– 01:40:52 – About page design
– 01:44:00 – Contact page design
– 01:48:24 – Setup navigation menu
– 01:50:03 – Make a professionally designed logo (at zero cost!)
– 02:00:37 – Increase logo size on different devices
– 02:01:24 – Insert social media icons in the header
– 02:04:15 – Make header icons line up using custom css
– 02:06:20 – Troubleshoot Adsense approval
– 02:09:06 – Verify your blog site with Google and crawl URLs!
We had to cut if off there due to publishing deadlines, but we’ll see you in Part 2 coming very soon to a blog near you! Post Qs below!

About This Guide’s Contents:
We’ll show you the ropes on how to start a SELF-HOSTED WORDPRESS.ORG BLOG here so you see surprisingly enough it’s actually quick and easy to create a blog with the most popular software used by pro bloggers, Fortune 500 brands and yours truly!

Why We Recommend Self-Hosted to Build a Blog:
Free blogs like are fun for a few days but limit what you can create, how you layout things, and you can’t advertise. So for 10 years now we have recommended new bloggers with that next big idea create a blog. You get all the beautiful themes and plugins in WordPress and just pay for a domain and hosting, which you would anywhere for any web design career. The proofs in the pudding with how free and fun lets you run a blog, you will get more guest post gigs and ads almost instantly. So that’s the scoop on where is the best place to start a blog!

Why Do We Always Choose
There are 1000s of places to host your blog and get a domain its a headache picking one that’s cheap and easy. Since 2011 we’ve used HostGator to host our most profitable blogs and haven’t had any issues. They’ve kept up great customer service for years (unlike Bluehost and GoDaddy) which is why our readers keep signing up to HostGator every day and post amazing, heartfelt positive reviews. So feel free to start a blog at HostGator using BIGBONUS discount (this coupon is only found on our Channel and helps pay for the filming costs if you use it), but if you have to choose a different web host for your own reasons then the steps here should be roughly the same too for you.

If you don’t want to start a blog like we do here or can’t afford to right now thats fine, just grab yourself a free blog on for example, it’s better than not starting at all.

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