How to start blogging  [Tutorial] #blogging

How to start blogging [Tutorial] #blogging

In this video, I discuss how to start a blog on your own. The very first steps you need to take when starting blogging.

Blogging is an easy way to generate income and make money online. But how do you start a blog? In this video, I share how to start your own blog, step by step. I’ve been a blogger for the last fifteen years and whatever I’m sharing here is from my experience. Hope you like it.

🥳 About Me
My name’s Mani Karthik, a blogger, and entrepreneur from India. I worked in the USA and the Middle East for almost a decade with startups. I quit my job in the US to return to India to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship and blogging. Today, I share whatever I’ve learned through this channel and my blogs. Hope you like it.

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