🌎 IBlogs | Blogging Web Application with Admin Panel in one video | Django

🌎 IBlogs | Blogging Web Application with Admin Panel in one video | Django

In this video we are going to create blogging web application using django in one video step by step in hindi.

00:00 Introduction to Video and Project
01:10 What we are going to create in this project ,demo
09:53 Project Start , Software needed for this project
12:22 Creating new pycharm project and virtual enviroment
18:34 Installing required dependencies for project
22:24 Understanding Project structure in short
24:36 About manage.py file important concept
3342 Category and Post Model
46:19 Creating Admin user /Super user
01:02:31 Customizing admin
01:19:12 Adding Django Tincy mce in our project
01:24:55 Changing Admin theme , adding material theme
01:30:33 Resolving tinymce project
01:50:11 working on frond part
01:55:11 other fontend work with desiging
02:40:27 adding owl slider ,working on categories

source code: https://github.com/LearnCodeWithDurgesh/iblogs

Telegram Link for Doubt: https://t.me/learncodewithdurgesh

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