International Blogging – 21 Year Old Boy Had Earned 33 Lakhs by Copy Paste and Google WEB STORIES

International Blogging – 21 Year Old Boy Had Earned 33 Lakhs by Copy Paste and Google WEB STORIES

WEB STORIES – International Blogging – How a 21 Year Old Boy Had Earned 33 Lakhs by Copy and Paste method and WEB STORIES

Hi Friends,

This Video features Vikram. He is Just 21 year old boy who had faced many challenges in his life. But As soon as He had started working on Web Stories his Earning had skyrocketed.

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Time Stamp
00:00 Teaser
01:20 Blog Review + Interview
01:45 Short Intro
02:12 School Se Nikal Diya
03:28 Data Entry Scam
04:40 Confuse Ho Gaya
05:47 Scan Number 2
07:19 Didi Ka Card Churaya
08:08 New MLM Scam
10:08 Instagram Start Kiya
11:16 SMM Banners Se Kamai
13:17 Course Beechne Laga
15:50 Fir Sab Kuch Band
17:25 Blogging Fir Start Kari
18:48 Blog Chalne Laga
20:31 Meri web Story Video Deekhi
21:44 Yakin Se Bahar
23:13 Copy Paste Ka Bhi Copy Paste
25:10 Jackpot Lag Gaya
28:49 Site Report Ho Gayi
30:14 Earning Proof
33:32 Ab Vikram Ka Kya Hoga
34:27 Web Stories Kya Hai
35:26 Copy Paste Kasie Kaam Karta Hai
36:00 Hum Web Stories Kyu Nahi Bana rahe Hai
36:24 New Blogger Superstar ban Gaya
37:38 Bharat Sone Ki Chidiya