K2 For Joomla 004 : Start Blogging With K2

K2 For Joomla 004 : Start Blogging With K2

This tutorial guide will show you how to Create Blog With K2.

•Following these steps to get started with K2:

Step 1. login to your Joomla Admin Panel and access your Joomla site.

Step 2. Select “components” / “K2” / “items” from joomla control panel.

Step 3. It’ll show you a list of blog items on your site. You can add new items, edit any existing items, publish/ un-publish items, and even delete items here.

Step 4. Click on the “New” button to create a new item ( blog) or edit your existing item.

Step 5. Writing your K2 item and make any edits using the detailed instructions below.

•fill these necessary fields:

1. Title
Add a Title for your blog, don’t forget to insert keyword/ key phrase into the title to optimize your new blog for search.

2. Title Alias (URL)
The page URL (or link) should be descriptive, pertinent to the k2 article and human readable. Just make sure that the URL is identical to your item Title.

3. Category
Category decides in which section of your website the blog item will show up.

4. Published
Publish is a straight-forward yes/no field that will publish or un-publish your K2 blog item.

5. Content
You will write the content of your new page here.
Your content should be a minimum of 1000 words, and ideally around 2000 word of high quality, informative copy.

•Step 6. Click on the “Save and Close” to save everything you’ve done.
Otherwise, the item will remain locked and other website administrators will be unable to access it.

Note: Once your item (blog) is live, never change the Title alias (URL) field or Category.
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