Running a Care Home: The Essentials You Shouldn’t Do Without

Running a Care Home: The Essentials You Shouldn’t Do Without

If you are running a care home, the following essentials are emotions, supplies and experience that you cannot do without. The care profession is a rewarding one, but it does not come without its sacrifices; the willingness to devote time and effort to the lives of others requires a mentally strong human being. 

It also requires empathy, top quality medical supplies and a solid number of reliable contacts in the profession.


An individual incapable of empathizing is not one suited to running a care home. While tough financial decisions have to be made – and becoming overly emotionally attached to patients can be heartbreaking – it is impossible to be cold and calculated in this profession.

The United States boasts some of the best care home facilities in the world, and that is in no small part thanks to empathetic and caring managers. Even the best care home operators, however, cannot run their homes properly without quality equipment, supplied reliably and affordably.

Quality Supplies

It is these quality supplies that truly separate an acceptable care home from an exceptional one. By accessing the best care home supplies available, from bedding to medicines and from patient alarms to specialist seating, a care home can begin to provide top level support for the elderly.

Without these supplies, patients cannot be treated with adequate care and attention and a care home becomes an unsuitable place for them to live. 

While quality supplies can be sourced affordably, a solid financial stability is still necessary.

Financial Stability

Many care homes operate on thin profit margins and, without backing, are regularly on the brink of going bust – making financial stability an essential part of care home management. Aside from medical and care home supplies, you will require financial stability for a wide range of additional expenses such as travel or transport hire, caregiver wages, energy bills and more.

In order to achieve this level of financial stability and to possibly receive services such as minibus hire at a cut rate, having good contacts in the industry will help no end.

Good Contacts

In any aspect of an organization – be it a business, charity or service provider – having good contacts will stand you in good stead when times get tough. Contacts can help you keep expenditure low by giving you good rates on products or services, as well as recommending the best places to buy certain supplies. 

With much of the American care system funded privately, you should never underestimate the value of quality contacts. 


In order to use these contacts effectively and make what finances you do have stretch adequately, you will need plenty of experience. Going into care home management should be avoided if you do not have previous care home experience as you could end up making too many decisions from a business point of view rather than that of a caregiver. 

Experience will allow you to combine the benefits of contacts, financial stability and emotional intelligence to produce a top-quality care giving facility. 

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