Step-By-Step Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How to Create a Blogger Blog with a Custom Domain Name

Step-By-Step Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How to Create a Blogger Blog with a Custom Domain Name

Check out our Blogger Tutorial for beginners, which will give you a step-by-step process for creating a Blogger blog from scratch with a custom domain name. Blogger is not a difficult platform to learn, but it can be helpful to get a short free Blogger course before you get started. My goal is to give you the keys to sign-in to Blogger, create your Blog, set-up your domain name, learn about writing Blog Posts, understand Blogger themes, install your own Blogger themes, and customize your Blog so you can continue to grow it and earn from it with Google AdSense.

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What is Blogger?

Blogger is owned by Google and it is a service that allows users to publish their own blogs for free. Google has owned Blogger since 2003 and it has grown ever since because it is free and easy to use. The blogs created through Blogger are accessed through a Google account and they are hosted on

Can you make money on Blogger?

Yes, but you need to start creating Blog Posts after you create your blog and get accepted to Google AdSense. Once you start driving consistent traffic to your Blogger blog, you can apply to AdSense and place Google AdSense ads directly on your Blog. However, it will take some time to write your blogs and start growing your website to the point where you are accepted. I recommend writing 10-20 blog posts before you apply to Google AdSense.

Is Blogspot and Blogger the same?

Blogger is the service where you access your blogs and Blogspot is where your blogs are hosted. Essentially, it is the same service, but when you create a blog on Blogger you will receive your own free domain name.

What is blogger and how does it work?

It is a free service where you can create a Blog within seconds and customize your blog so it can be professional and hopefully help you create your own website.

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How to Create a Blog for Beginners:

1. Sign in to your Blogger account at You can sign-in using your Google account.

2. Click on the ‘New Blog…’ link to the left or click on the Down Arrow and then click ‘New Blog…’

3. Create a Unique Name for your Blog

4. Select a Blog Address for your Blog. You can purchase a Google .com domain after you set-up your blog.

5. Select a Template for your Blog from the choices offered by Blogger.

6. Click on Create Blog to get started.

Blogger vs. WordPress:

You can do a lot more on WordPress, but you will need to purchase a hosting account. Most website owners should opt for WordPress, but Blogger can be useful if you want a simple Blog where you can write and publish Blog Posts. WordPress has a lot more functionality and it is much easier to customize your website. I would recommend utilizing WordPress, but beginning bloggers can get started with in a pinch.

Is Blogger Free?

Using Blogger to create your Blog is 100% free. The only thing you will need to purchase is a domain name, which can be done from Google Domains for $10-$20 per year. However, creating a Blogspot domain name with Blogger can be done completely free, and you do not need to pay for website hosting.

Using Blogger: How to Create a Blog that Makes Money

Ultimately, you should focus on creating fresh, unique, and high-quality blog posts on a daily basis. You want to stick to a website niche and write content that focuses on the top keywords for your business. Blogging is very difficult, but people who Blog a lot will be rewarded with monthly income from Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. If you create a Blog about recipes or gardening for example, you can monetize your blog traffic with Google AdSense ads and also incorporating Affiliate Marketing with services like Amazon Associates.

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