What Does an Internet Marketing Company Do?

What Does an Internet Marketing Company Do?

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Hi! I’m Benn Trasatt – lead Internet Marketing consultant here at WebFX. Today, I wanted to review with you how an Internet marketing company works. To really understand how an Internet marketing company works, we need to understand first and foremost that the digital marketing world is really a complete ecosystem. And we’re going to break down internet marketing today into 10 different segments or categories. And really, and internet marketing ecosystem means that these 10 categories all work together.

So we’re going to dig into each one of these today and really understand how everything works together.

I want to start with SEO because one – a lot of Internet marketing companies focus in this area because the high-value return on investment that you’ll get with SEO. With SEO, it’s important to understand that his department does not function on its own. SEO really is dependent on first and foremost developing a strong strategy. So when we initially work with customers, they’re really gonna be doing an analysis of the marketplace to make sure they understand the client’s business and really develop a strategy that works for them.

So once I understand my strategy, more of the main metrics for SEO that kind of influence your rankings is really content. You need to have great content in order to rank effectively in organic search. So that brings us to our copywriting and our content teams. So obviously these two pieces work together. Copywriting is really kind of the lifeblood – if we don’t have good copy, we’re not gonna rank well in organic search.

Content really kind of works with copywriting, bu the content team is going to develop assets such as video, or images that can help influence the pages we’re targeting so that we rank higher in organic search.

So we’ve explained so far developing our strategy, creating our content, utilizing our copywriting team – all this stuff needs to live somewhere, so obviously, an effective internet marketing company needs to round that out by having a strong web development and web design team.

Web development – you need someone who can build a site but also depending on the needs of our SEO strategy, our general strategy for the customers we’re targeting, it might be more technically advanced items that we actually have to build. Along with that, web design is actually a piece of Google’s algorithm – that user experience, being mobile optimized – things of that nature. That’s also very important. That being said, design influences the content marketing piece. so depending on our strategies, not just about copywriting or developing an infographic or video content – r design team is going to play a role in developing that visual content if that’s part of our SEO strategy.

So now that we have a website, we have a strategy, we have content, the next piece we’re really gonna focus on is link building. A website will not rank in Google unless we have other sites linking to it. These links are real votes, signs of trust – to the website. To really simplify it, the more links the better. Obviously, we want links from trustworthy websites because they hold a lot more weight.

So it’s really important that we’re building quality links to a website to really kind of build the authority of the content and the entire website. With the end result of growing our rankings and getting more traffic to the website. The link building team really needs to be a strong team that really invests a lot of time into creating relationships and authorships out there so that we can effectively build trustworthy links that will stand the test of time.

Without link building, the other strategies won’t work that well. We need to be sure that we’re promoting the website and the content we’ve developed.

Another great tool we can utilize to promote content that we’ve created is social media. So social media is really another sign of trust. You have a strong following, you’re growing a community – it’s a fantastic tool for people to build trust with your brand, but it can also be utilized to influence your SEO. You can use it to promote content to get links or to influence your organic rankings.

The next area we’re gonna focus on is paid advertising. Paid advertising can really influence all of the channels we’re investing in. If we’re talking about SEO, we could develop paid advertising to get more immediate placement in search engines while we’re growing the strength of our website. You can also use paid ads to influence and grow social media followings and to promote content.

Lastly, it’s important that your digital marketing company has the resources necessary to continuously learn. In an industry that’s constantly changing, you need to stay ahead of the competition and be sure that you’re taking advantage of opportunities in all of these sectors by working with an agency that stays up-to-date.

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