Wix Pro Blogging Tutorial – Create SEO Friendly Content

Wix Pro Blogging Tutorial – Create SEO Friendly Content

Blogging with Wix. Is it any good? Yes actually and in this Wix blogging tutorial, I will show you how to properly structure your blog posts using the Wix website builder: https://davidutke.com/wix

Wix has gotten much better with regards to blogging over the years. Compared to WordPress, they used to be far behind with the control and customization you had.

Not anymore. You can structure your blog posts to have accurate meta descriptions, title tags, images with alt text, internal links and categories with ease. On top of that, you can even create a private blog content in order to monetize your website.

If you’ve been looking to create a blog with Wix, it’s now a solid choice. Wix is not just a pretty website builder, it’s a full suite of tools to build and grow a website based business.

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► Wix website tutorial (create a Wix website from scratch):

► Sign up to Wix for free account. Upgrade when you’re ready:


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