WordPress Blogging in 2021 – Full Tutorial

WordPress Blogging in 2021 – Full Tutorial

How do you blog in WordPress in 2021?
This tutorial will cover all the aspects you need to have a blog up and running in less than a day. From theme choosing, understanding blogging concepts (posts, categories, sidebar, etc.) to writing content, we’ve got your back.

00:00 Intro about the topic
00:32 Choosing and installing a WordPress theme
05:11 Intro to WordPress page builders
07:48 Creating a new post to your WordPress blog in the Default Editor
10:22 Adding media to the WordPress post
13:00 How to organize blog posts using categories and tags
17:37 What are sidebars and how to create one in WordPress
19:40 Final blog settings

Tools used in the tutorial:
Theme: ColibriWP
Page builder: Colibri
Grammarly Chrome extension
Unsplash – free for commercial use photos

The tutorial is using the ColibriWP theme and the Colibri page builder as an example, but you can use any other theme or page builder for your own site.

WordPress blogging resource: https://colibriwp.com/blog/wordpress-blogging-2021-guide/

And, as promised at the beginning of the video, here are our hosting recommendations: https://colibriwp.com/wordpress-hosting/

For more WordPress know-how, check our blog: https://colibriwp.com/blog

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