ZimmWriter Lesson 17 – Bulk Convert 1,000 SEO Keywords to 5,000 Blog Post Titles

ZimmWriter Lesson 17 – Bulk Convert 1,000 SEO Keywords to 5,000 Blog Post Titles

ZimmWriter Training Table of Contents:

Lesson 01 – How to Use the 1-Click and bulk Writer

Lesson 02 – How to Use the SEO Writer

Lesson 03 – How to Rewrite Blog Posts in the Penny Arcade

Lesson 04 – How to Use the Local SEO Buffet

Lesson 05 – How to Use Magic Commands

ZimmWriter Lesson 06 – How to Configure ZimmWriter

ZimmWriter Lesson 07 – How to Use the Topical Authority Generator

ZimmWriter Lesson 08 – Getting Started with ScrapeOwl

ZimmWriter Lesson 9 – Getting Started with YouTube

ZimmWriter Lesson 10 – Getting Started with AI Images

ZimmWriter Lesson 11 – How to Connect ZimmWriter to WordPress

ZimmWriter Lesson 12 – How to Create Bulk Product Roundups

ZimmWriter Lesson 13 – How to Use SERP Scraping

ZimmWriter Lesson 14 – How to Use Custom Outlines

ZimmWriter Lesson 15 – How to Use Custom Prompts

What is ZimmWriter?

It is…

✅ AI software that allows magic commands anywhere on a Windows computer (in any desktop application or website)
✅ AI software that lets you queue up to 1,000 blog posts at a time to write
✅ AI software that lets you bulk rewrite competitor webpages, YouTube transcripts, Amazon reviews, etc
✅ AI software that scrapes the Google SERP to generate optimized SEO content!
✅ AI software that with a Facebook community of over 12,000 members to support you!

🚀 Sound good? If so, then here is where you can get it: https://www.rankingtactics.com/zimmwriter/

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